During my first weekend on the Gold Coast, I stayed with my friend and her family. Knowing a local means having access to all the good spots I may not have considered. As you probably know, I love hiking and anything to do with nature. After a nice chill Saturday, we woke up at 6am the next morning to leave for Springbrook National Park.

Springbrook National Park is a protected park located in the Gold Coast Hinterland, on the border of Queensland and New South Wales and spans 61km².  It is park of the Gondwana Rainforests of Australia, which are reconised as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The park itself is split up into four sections. Springbrooke Plateau, Mt Cougal, Niminbah and Natural Bridge. Stunning views and spectacular waterfalls are only some of what Springbrook National Park has to offer.

Natural Bridge

Springbrook National Park Springbrook National Park Springbrook National Park

As we started the day so early, it was relatively quite when we arrived. The drive down from the Gold Coast was stunning, even if I was nodding off now and again (thanks for driving Hannah). The main attraction at the Natural Bridge section of the park seems to be the glow worm cave. However, we were there at the break of dawn so the glow worms were not so glowy. There was an option for a shorter walk from the road where we parked, or a 16km hike. I mean, good for the people that chose the 16km trail, I apsire to be you one day. However, there was no doubt we were heading for the shorter track.

It was a beautiful, chill walk the the shaded rainforest, as the sun was still on the rise. As we were in the cover of the tall trees, you could see the warm glow of the sun on the tree tops. It was a fairly steep and windy track down with lotsof cool rock formations and cave in our path. It still strikes me how grand everything is in Australia compared to Scotland. The nature back home is beautiful, but everything here is just so much bigger! It makes me feel so insignificant in the best possible way.

We reached the Natural Bridge, and the un-glowy glow worm cave. And it was stunning. The cave has a waterfall cut through the middle of it. The water was beautiful shades of greens and blues. All we could do was to stand and admire it.

Springbrook National Park

Twin Falls

Heading back up the trail, we met much more morning hikers. By this time it was about 8am, the forest was getting brighter and the sun was heating us up. We hopped back in the car and headed of to look for the Twin Falls. Again there was a few options for which trail to take. There was the super long one, which was a hard no. The fairly long one and a baby one. We decided to do the fairly long one (sorry this is vague, I was still a bit of a walking zombie at this point) However, either due to lack of signposting, or lack of direction, we ended up on the baby trail. I think it was about 750m to Twin Falls, and then 750m back.

Springbrook National Park Springbrook National Park Springbrook National Park

While it would have been nice to have a longer trail to explore more of the Springbrook National Park, it was still a beautiful walk. Now it hadn’t occured to me at the time, but I had never seen a real life, pouring off a cliff, crashing into the water below kind of waterfall before. And now here I am, standing in from of two! (Kind of, the river didn’t seem strong enough). The trail looped round under the waterfall, which was amazing. You could see the sun hitting just the top of the water. I got to see my first waterfall, and stand under one! What a day.

With both Natural Bridge and Twin Falls checked off the list, and all before 11am might I add, we decided to head back home. With the sun now fully awake, it was like a while different drive. The Gold Coast Hinterland, though I’ve only seen a smidgen of it, truly is beautiful.

I’m glad I got to visit Springbrook National Park with someone who lives here, as I doubt I would have been confident enough to go hiking in the Queensland Rainforest myself. It was stunningly beautiful, and if I try not to worry about all the poisonous little friends roaming around, I would definitely love to do more hiking while I’m still here. Next time, I’ll just need to remember to have my coffee BEFORE the hike, not after!

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Springbrook National Park is a beautful, protected national park in the Gold Coast Hinterland. What better time to see it than sunrise? Springbrook National Park is a beautful, protected national park in the Gold Coast Hinterland. What better time to see it than sunrise? Springbrook National Park is a beautful, protected national park in the Gold Coast Hinterland. What better time to see it than sunrise?

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16 thoughts on “Morning Hike in Springbrook National Park”

  1. Oh my goodness! Beautiful pictures! This makes me want to travel to Australia! I absolutely love hiking and discovering places like this. Especially with falls!

  2. Oh the great Australia. I have a cousin who lives there and she’s been telling me to give her a visit, but time constraints is holding me up, but I’m still hopeful that I’d step foot on the continent because I know how magnificent Australia really is.

  3. Oh man, coffee is a must for me before I do anything in the morning. Haha! Glad you made it through and still had a great experience exploring the waterfalls. They look beautiful!

  4. That cave looks gorgeous! I can see why it is worth a visit. Do you know when it is the optimal time to see the glowworms? I would have thought they are more visible when there is less light. The waterfall is nice too. I am from a tropical island and your photos remind me of the rainforests there.

  5. National Parks are the best! I have heard of glow worm caves in New Zealand, but I didn’t know that Australia had them too – how cool!

  6. Australia is so beautiful and full of nature gems. I can’t wait to explore it more when I move there this year. This hike looks amazing! Love the Twin Falls! :O

  7. I remember the first time I got to Australia and realised just how big it is! What a beautiful place:) I didn’t get to go to springbrook last time I was there but I hope I get there soon!

  8. ALWAYS have coffee before the anything. Always!

    Australia really is very beautiful. So much natural landscape and so varied. I’ve only been to little bits of it twice, and immediately felt that it would be impossible to plan ‘a trip’ to Australia. I mean, there’s too many things to explore, how do you choose?

  9. Springbrook National Park looks so beautiful! We really enjoy visiting national parks so I am pinning this for later. I’m glad you got to see your first waterfall. I love waterfalls and anytime there is a rumor of one in the area I am, I have to go find it. #farawayfiles

  10. I love your photos specially the twin falls its beautiful! Thank you for sharing this! Looks like you had a great hike!

  11. Ahh I love waterfalls, especially on a hike! The one falling through the cave roof was spectacular, did you take a swim and bask in the light? The cave itself reminds me of the cenotes in Mexico!

  12. Where I’m from in Oregon has lots of waterfalls in the local area. I always love to find them when traveling too. This looks like an accessible and beautiful hike and different side of Australia than most people share. Thank you for highlighting this hike for #FarawayFiles. Cheers from Denmark!

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