I always joked that Australia is the land of eternal summer, but I didn’t actually think it would be this constant! I was looking through the pictures on my hard drive and it was making me really miss all the varying seasons of Scotland. I’ve spent most of my life complaining about Scottish weather and now I’d give anything for a bit of snow. Even a good downpour would be enough. Anything other than this constant heat and humidity! So here it goes, 10 pictures that will make anyone in the land of eternal summer long for four drastically different seasons.


Springtime in Scotland is a hit or a miss. You either get lovely, sunny days where you can wander the parks and see the new flowers all in bloom. Or you get rainy, windy, miserable days. Both of which sound good to me at this point.

Nothing like finally being able to put your big winter jacket in the back of your wardrobe and crack out your slightly lighter and more fashionable options. There’s still a bitter chill in the air, but the days get longer and your get the occasional warm afternoons.


In Scotland, traditional ‘summer’ as the rest of the world knows it lasts about a day and a half. The rest of the season is much like the previous. Cold, rainy and unpredictable. But when the day and half comes? Let me tell you, the country goes wild. I’m sure last year there was a viral Facebook post that invited Scotland’s teens to a beach party that had to get shut down by the local police.

It is however, the best time to get out and explore the beautiful nature that Scotland has to offer. It’s very unlikely that you will come across any icy paths or unbearable cold temperatures. And everything will be nie and green by then. However, always make sure you have your emergency jumper with you at all times for any unexpected bouts of chill.


Hands down my favourite time of the year. The colours are so vibrant and the weather is still mild enough to enjoy the outdoors. Everything is a bit rainy and the fallen leaves are a bit soggy and slippery on the ground, but you will still get the odd sunny day (are you seeing the pattern yet?)

The year is winding down and the days are starting to get shorter again, meaning you may get to enjoy a lovely sunset walking home from work. It’s also the perfect weather to find a cute cafe and enjoy a nice hot coffee and a cake. In saying that, when isn’t a good time for coffee and cake?!


Last but not least, winter. How the rest of the world see Scotland. Cold, damp and miserable. But if you look past the unrelenting rain and frost, you will see the beautifully decorated streets for Christmas and the stunning, snowcapped mountains that decorate the highlands. The warm glow of the sunsets paired with the bitter cold air is one of my favourite things about winter in Scotland.

Getting to bundle up with your big winter coat, scarves, hats, gloves, the works. Being so warm and cosy that when you venture out into the freezing conditions, you barely feel it! Also, if you are so inclined, winter snow hikes, though tricky, can turn out to be absolutely stunning!


I’m not going to lie, looking at these pictures has made me miss home a little bit for the first time since being here. I actually miss the cold? I honestly did not think that would happen! One thing’s for sure. I think I’m going to head somewhere that actually experiences winters after my time here in Oz! Or who knows, maybe I’ll climatise and end up loving living in a country where +40 degrees is the norm. Only time will tell.


2 thoughts on “10 Pictures That Make Me Miss Scottish Seasons”

  1. Haha, I totally relate to this! Although let me tell you after like five months of winter I am SO ready for our single day of summer. I got super hot and sweaty in Australia, but generally I loved it! Love all your photos, by the way. 🙂

  2. Love this post, I’m sure I’ll never get tired of reading about Scotland, and I’m also sure that it’ll always be my most favorite place in the world. ✨
    (Apart from my home of course! 😅)

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