Another year has passed. Probably the biggest year of my life so far! And as I am a sucker for tradition, I’ve decided to do another post where I look back on 2017. It’s pretty cool to be able to look back and have a brief summary on the past seven years of my life. If you want to read the previous six, head on over to my post last year where they are all linked.

10 Things You Did in 2017
  1. I attempted to hike a mountain in February, not realising that the top was covered in snow. The winds got so bad that we eventually had to turn back. Also my feet were absolutely soaking wet as I was only wearing trainers. Note to self: Check weather conditons before setting off on a hike.
  2. I went to China to visit my friend who was living there at the time. Not somewhere I ever thought I go. It was all planned pretty quickly so I feel like I didn’t have enough time to get stressed about it. I was only there for 10 days but absolutely loved it and cannot wait to go back and explore some more!
  3. I went on a trip to NYC, Boston and Quebec in the summer, just after China, which also included my first Press Trip in NYC which felt really cool.
  5. I went down to London for the weekend with my friend to visit the WB Studio Tours one last time before I flew off. Have I mentioned yet that Harry Potter is my life?!
  6. I quit my job to travel the world. Legit the dream. I still can’t really believe I did that!
  7. I moved to Australia. No Big Deal.
  8. I stayed in a 16 person mixed dorm for the first time. It was actually much more fun than the 6 person female dorm.
  9. I went on a 12 day camping trip around Victoria. As someone who has always been adamant on how much she hates camping I surprisingly had an amazing time! It was so cool to just be able to jump in the car and drive off to a new place everyday. To go to sleep and wake up with the sun! I’m a changed women!
  10. Successfully applied for 100+ jobs without managing to obtain a single one. Now that’s impressive.
6 Photo Memories of 2017

My attempt at climbing The Cobbler in the snow. I couldn’t feel my hands at this point.


After trying to get into a hella expensive night club, a bunch of us all changed our minds and just hung out on the Bund, drinking beer and watched the sunrise.


Stayed in the bery swanky Times Square Intercontinental Hotel in New York City.


I went on the Neighbours set Tour here in Melbourne cause I’m a big loser who absolutely loves that show!


I got to hang out with a little kangaroo while visiting The Great Ocean Road Wildlife Park. They were all so cute and gentle.


I lived in a car for 12 days and fell in love with camping. Something I never thought would happen to me!


Your 2017 New Year Plans

Not sure as of yet. Life in Australia is pretty hard to plan in advance. I am currently housesitting for a family who get back on the 1st of January, but I’m sure we’ll find something fun to do!

A Photo of Yourself from the Start and End of the Year

Before the panic that we were going to die on the mountain set in.


After swimming in the Ocean for the first time in Australia. It was the last day of our road trip and we were in a little place called Point Leo. The gu who runs the surf shop let us borrow his paddle boards for the afternoon. It was the perfect way to end the trip. I also got very sunburnt.


A List of What You Want to Change in the New Year

To be honest, I am pretty much loving life right now. I would maybe like to get a job soon so I can start to replenish my funds. I’d like to work on my confidence with meeting new people (though I am getting better just being here).  Last year I set a list for myself and I managed to acheive 6 of the 8 things on that list. So here’s a new list for 2018:

  • Get my blog back up to where it was before I left for Australia. Obviously I have been more focused on getting settled and enjoying my time here so  my blog has been slipping. Hopefully that will change soon.
  • Make my way around Australia and hopefully see all the places I want to see (Sydney, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Cairns, Darwin, Perth, Tasmania, Alice Springs etc) and also discover some new places too.
  • Get a job. (as opposed to last year when I wrote ‘quit my job’. Funny how things go)
  • Make more of an effort to meet new people and be more social.
  • Do my 88 days farm work so I have the option of a 2nd year if I want to do it.
  • Go to South East Asia after my visa runs out.
Your Resolution

Keep doing you! No but seriously, don’t stop and allow yourself to get overwhelmed at the fact that in the space of 6 months you decided to move across the planet. It’s cool. You’re doing it. Enjoy it and don’t overthing the little stuff. See the world.

And there we have it. Another consise summary of a year in the life of me. How was your 2017?

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4 thoughts on “2017: Looking Back on the Past Year”

  1. Awesome! Good luck, and can’t wait to see/read more on Australia.

    P.s. The story of you guys hiking the mountain (part 1 & 2) was the first post I read from you. Still one of my fav! 😆

  2. I’m so bloody jealous of your Neighbours tour!!! It’s been almost top of my bucket list for as long as I can remember, which is quite sad to admit but hey ho haha. Did you meet Dr Karl?! Someone once told me sometimes the tour guides are ex cast (?!?!) and a few people have met Dr Karl. If you did I might die.

    1. Our tour guide was a lovely, highly sarcastic irish man but you do meet a cast member during the tour. We met Stingray (who is bloody gorgeous) and he was so funny. The guide put on Dr. Karls CD for the ride home though haa

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