Another week, another inspiring solo female travel story. For those who don’t know, Women Who Wander is a travel series I have on my blog where other ladies can share their stories of Solo Female Travel. It’s something I personally have not done enough of but reading all these incredible stories inspires me to no end! This week, we have an incredibly inspiring post from Ariana. She talks about how her travels are fueled by following  signs and listening to the voice within.

Meet Ariana

Ariana is a travel blogger based in España since 2015. She is mostly traveling around Europe, but also sneaking in trips to Israel and Morocco on longer holidays. She doesn’t believe we were put on this earth to stay in our cultural bubble, but instead to flow with Wind, with open mind and heart. Expanding and exchanging with others. You can follow her travels on QU-EEN,

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QU-EEN flies with the Wind

19 days ago I landed on the Island of Mallorca, in the Baleares region of Spain. I couchsurfed the night I landed, and then headed for a “casa rústica” in the center of the island. Just a few km from the oldest city on the island, Sineu. I have the incessant clanking of sheep bells and the occasional ‘baa’s’ as my background music, and views of fig, almond, orange, pine and olive trees. That mixture typical of this Mediterranean Island, and further in the background beyond my laptop screen the occasional pig scurrying across the property. I’m no stranger to the unknown and the unexpected; I actually surrendered years ago to the WIND / VIENTO who usually tells me where I’m headed next and when the time is right to make a new move.

Since early 2015 I had fully dawned my traveling soul suit. Honoring the relentless force in me that wanted to go, to fly with Wind, to explore, to seek, exchange and learn, and to be humbled. Perú, Ireland and the Mexican Yucatán were places I visited where my soul expanded. Where my eyes were opened to the world, to our cultural differences and also our similarities as spirits under the same sun, moon and stars. And just as I started getting my stride, tuning into the messages, the signs, the chance encounters that were no way by chance. Well that’s when Wind honored me with a gift and a challenge: moving to Galicia, España.

Taking the Chance of a Lifetime

As a California native, my heart both jumped out of my physical body and sank in my chest at the thought of leaving it all behind for at least a year (or possibly longer). But I knew I couldn’t say No. I knew there would be growth, independence, opportunity for travel throughout Europe. Connections with the warm and caring Españoles, ahem, Gallegos (the Spanish from the region of Galicia call themselves Gallegos first). With a job lined up teaching English in a primary school, my life path took a serious shift.

The Wind blew me to this North Western region of Spain known for its wet climate, grey skies, bountiful wine, and traditional cooking. Infamous for local pulpo/octopus. I learned to eat until my stomach pained of fullness, and yet to refuse a Gallego offering you anything, more food ,cheese, wine, dessert, a shot of homemade Licor de hierbas, or Licor Café (an alcoholic coffee drink that surely will put you over the limit), or ANYTHING is truly bad form. You won’t make friends this way. My year far away from California got extended to a second year and so too did my life in Galicia.


But Wind lifted me up like a feather whenever possible and deposited me throughout Europe. Portugal, Italia, France, Deutschland, Danmark, Sverige, Ísland, Nederland, England. Even to the farther reaches of Israel and Morocco. In less than two years, I had allowed myself the space to become the Woman, the Queen I am.

The biggest challenge has been doing it all on my own. But in my solitude I have gotten to know myself better than I ever imagined. I know what inspires my creativity. Know what fills my soul with joy and peace. I know that moments spent on these SOULA TRIPS (Sola in Spanish means Alone, but I play with words since it’s all been for Soul Expansion) have been the catalyst to this present moment. The second part of my chapter in Europe, though now on the Spanish Island of Mallorca.

Follow the Signs

In just the past few weeks I’ve seen the most turquoise waters full of fish, as close as walking distance from my new apartment on the Coast. UNESCO Mountains towering over country roads. Private coves only accessible by boat or a rigorous 30 minute or longer hike. Town markets full of ripe summer fruits, local delicacies of cheese, olive oil, honey, wine. And most importantly, I have moved to be near Healing Water in the Sun Kissed Mediterranean. It is here that I’ll welcome even more necessary growth and synchronistic encounters. Practice self love rituals of biking, yoga, walks on the beach. There I hope to receive many fellow travelers and loved ones from California and around the globe too, to share this place, this magical island.

This is the life I have created by following the signs and listening to the voice within. I encourage you to do the same. The one I listen to is Wind, which I know has connected to Mind and Heart, guiding in my best interest. Listen to the one that rings true for you, and Fly!

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Women Who Wander: Ariana shares her inspiring philosophy on life and solo travel. How she listens to the Wind the show her the way!

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