Millport the only town  on a small island called Great Cumbrae, just off the coast of Scotland. To get there you first have to travel to Largs, and then make your way over by Ferry. It’s one of those places that almost everyone who grew up on the West Coast of Scotland spent their childhood visiting. I can’t count how many time we went there when I was kid, but this was the first time in my adult life. It was very last minute, in the ‘meet at the train station and just pick a random destination’ kind of way. A ticket from Glasgow Central Station to Largs was only £9.40 return and the ferry only cost £3, so the perfect choice for a cheap day trip.

First Stop: Food

When we arrived in Arran we couldn’t hear each other speak for the wind being so strong. What else do you expect from a Scottish seaside town? It’s a lovely little town with a famous cafe, restaurant and  Ice-Cream parlour called Nardini’s. Originally open in 1935, Nardini’s is synonymous with a trip “doon the water” making it a must if you are visiting Largs. How could we not stop there for some lunch?

This isn’t Nardini’s, but it seems all of Largs is mad on Ice Cream

After you get off the Ferry on Great Cumbrae, there is bus service that will take you to Millport which is on the other side of the island, but that’s only 3 miles so you could also easily just walk it.


Small Towns Work With What They’ve Got

One of the best known landmarks of Millport, believe it or not, is a rock painted like a crocodile. Apparently a guy called Robert Brown decided he wanted to paint a crocodile on a rock down the beach in 1913. The council acknowledged him for the artwork and it’s been there ever since.

Yup. That’s it.

The weather was trying it’s best to clear up so we got a good 30 minutes of sun. But there was a storm a’ brewin’ that was heading our way. So naturally, rather than just get the bus back like sensible people, we decided to try to out run the storm and cut through the island back to the Ferry Port.

Millport Millport MillportMillport Millport

Walking through the island on a single track country road was a bit stressful at times, but absolutely lovely. Nothing beats Scottish countryside! Every so often there was a bench where you could sit and take in the view. This may have been more enjoyable if the sky wasn’t quickly turning an angry shade of grey.

Millport Millport

After about an hours walk we made it to the Ferry Port just as it was drawing in. It was a short and sweet day out in a lovely part of Scotland that I seem to have forgotten about. I can’t wait to go back and see it in all it’s summer glory!

Millport Millport

There are so many Scottish Islands to explore, but Millport and Isle of Arran are two of the more accessible ones from Glasgow. Nothing like a cheap day out away from the Mainland.

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Millport is the only town on the small island Great Cumbrae, just off the coast of North Ayrshire in Scotland. Perfect for a day out away from the city!

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57 thoughts on “A Windy Day Out in Millport”

  1. Food is always my first stop when it comes to a place. I love dining at local places especially when they’re small town like this, they’re usually family owned and super delicious

  2. Millport seems like a lovely place for weekend getaway ! I do agree that nothing can beat Scottish country side even tho I haven’t been there yet I can see it on your photos! I love those colourful houses, kind of remind me Notting Hill in London 🙂

  3. Totally agree that nothing beats Scottish countryside! From your photos, Millport seems like a quiet and peaceful place with lots of beautiful scenery. This should make a nice day trip from Glasgow!

  4. It looks quiet and serene. It reminds me of a beach that I would visit when I lived in New Jersey and we would have to take a car ferry. Sometimes you really need some seclusion on a weekend getaway.

  5. I heard so much about this when I lived in Scotland. After reading this I need to make an attempt at visiting. I love the first stop !!!! FOOOD. Really nice pictures, showing some great views of the island.

  6. While visiting Scotland is high on my list, Millport is not one of the spots I have heard of. But from your pictures, it looks absolutely lovely. it’s funny, feel like most people can name a close-by beachside/lakeside spot where they spent summers as a kid no matter where they’re from.

  7. I’m planning a Scottish adventure for next summer and I never even thought about leaving the Mainland, but this post has definitely inspired me to do more research! Millport sounds like a lovely little trip and, most importantly, ice cream!!

  8. Spontaneous trips like that are just the best! Last time we went to Scotland, our only day at the beach was at Portobello, and it didn’t demand nearly as much effort to get there, just a bus. It may have been equally as windy though, as I remember spending much of the day eating great chunks of my hair. I think we would absolutely love your trip, and I can’t get over how inexpensive an adventure it was too. It looks absolutely beautiful, and I admire your fortitude in walking back under skies like that.

  9. The crocodile rock is hilarious haha. Mill town looks so quaint and I love those colourful buildings. I have to get over to Scotland soon because I think there’s so much to discover there!

  10. I’ve always wanted to see Scotland! I never knew about these islands before though, so these are incredible tips. This is definitely going on my list when I make it to Scotland.

  11. This is the perfect little village for me to retire in. I’ve always wanted to visit Scotland, but this is on another level of natural beauty. Thanks for sharing your adventures. The photos are amazing.

  12. So I’m way down in Cornwall at the moment and it looks JUST LIKE THIS! To the T. Like the same colorful harbors and hand painted signs on walls, the same obsession for ice cream!! It must be a British small towns thing.

  13. Just got back from Scotland! Although I didn’t get to the Arran Islands this trip – I cant wait to go back. The trains are so useful for getting places.

  14. That’s a quaint, charming town. We wouldn’t mind staying for a week or two. We are just amazed at the harmonious mix of nature and man-made industries. The windmills and the ferry port look just right in place with the town. I think this is a prime example of how modern development should be done.

  15. Millport is a charming little island. It definitely makes for the perfect trip from the mainland but still has plenty of Scottish character. Too bad I only had time to spend my time in Scotland on the mainland but hoping one day for a longer visit and maybe will hit some of these islands. I do find it interesting that the crocodile became a landmark; it’s cool but still a bit random and humorous.

  16. Loved the pictures and definitely am interested in your first stop: The Food! 😉 The village looks so comfy and cute… I can already picture myself walking on a windy beach. Loved the read!

  17. I am from a very windy country and wind at least makes for interesting skies 😉 You trip does look very pretty though, the elements were just part of the adventure!

  18. You really have to take your hat off to these small towns for putting their best foot forward. Love the crocodile rock – made me laugh. In Australia the small towns compete with “big” things – like the big banana, big koala etc The funniest one is the giant woolbale which is actually a concrete block – hee hee #FarawayFiles

  19. Ok – please tell me what you can buy at that little slice of cuteness that is called “The Wedge”? I love that! Please say it’s cheese. Or pie. Or shoes? What else comes in wedges? Looks like a charming seaside village, which I LOVE – complete with crocodile rocks. Cheers from Copenhagen, Erin #FarawayFiles

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