Another week, another inspiring solo female travel story. For those who don’t know, Women Who Wander is a travel series I have on my blog where other bloggers can share their stories of Solo Female Travel. It’s something I personally have not done enough of but reading all these incredible stories inspires me to no end! This week Meghan is sharing her unexpected, unplanned yet amazing experience of solo travel in Nassau after her cruise was re routed.

Meet Meghan
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Meghan is a teacher in Washington DC traveling every chance she gets. As a teacher, she’s always on a budget and looks for the best deal every time. She’s been to 21 countries so far and is always planning her next adventure. She hopes to inspire others to make the most of their adventures and realize travel is possible no matter your budget. Follow along on her adventures on her blog,

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Don’t Be Afraid to Try It

Not me. Not ever.

That’s what I told myself, it’s what I told others! For a long time, I was scared to travel alone. It’s easy to find excuses not to do it. Honestly, little me going to another country by myself, not knowing a single person? How would I make friends? How would I get around? What will people think when they see me alone? I’d given myself every excuse in the book. Then, because of a delayed flight, I was thrown into solo travel and all those excuses had to go away – and I’m so glad they did!

“I don’t do solo travel – or do I?”

A year ago I was planning on going on a cruise with my boyfriend at the time. Because of work, I had to fly in a day later and meet him at the first port for the cruise (not ideal to begin with, but work is work). As I was getting on my flight to meet the cruise, he called and told me that the cruise had to change course and would not be coming to Nassau. I was going to be on a trip by myself for two days before the cruise got there. Nassau is not even a scary place – like at all. Still, I wanted to go into panic mode! I have never done anything like this. What do I do? Where do I stay? How can I get around without someone to help me?

solo travel

Spring Into Action

Instead of being helpless, I got on my phone ASAP, I started searching for the best things to do in Nassau and where to stay. What could I do by myself? Within three hours I found an AirBnB that offered car service, booked a tour, and was on my plane to Nassau. I spent the whole plane ride hoping that the guy from the AirBnB would be there despite an instant booking and that things would work out. I wondered what it would be like to be alone in another country. What I would do the whole time? That was the last time I wondered.

The next two days were a blast! The AirBNB owner picked me up without a hitch and I made friends with the he and his wife who ended up taking me to dinner for conch fritters. I went to an incredible national park where I rented snorkel gear and went all by myself to see beautiful fish surrounded by the largest underwater statue in the world. I tried taking self-timer photos on a hike and failed. Also, I ate rum cake, drank on the beach, and gambled at the Atlantis Resort even though I wasn’t staying there. The whole thing was a blast and I realized something about myself – I LOVE SOLO TRAVEL!

solo travel

Just Try It

Just like that, I was hooked. I mean seriously – I had such a blast going on my own to try out these new things. There is something about experiencing a place for yourself that I had no idea would be so rewarding. While I have yet to take a large international trip alone, I have made space for myself to explore on my own on different trips I have taken ever since. I spent a day in Beijing by myself, then I went to Puerto Rico alone too for an extra day before a cruise. This week, I leave for Greece where I have a layover in Turkey for a day on my own and this summer, I will spend two days in Dubai on a long layover.

Hopefully someday, I will take a trip all for myself too. For now, I am looking for ways to add in a day or two whenever I can to be on my own. There is something so special about being on your own when in a new place. So while I was forced into solo travel, I am so glad I was! I am a more confident traveler, woman, and person in general because of it. Adventure is always waiting, go out and find it!

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Women Who Wander Blogger Series: Meghan shares her story of how an unexpected cruise delay changed her outlook on solo travel.

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21 thoughts on “Women Who Wander: Don’t Be Afraid to Try Solo Travel”

  1. As usual, an inspiring story about female solo travelers – Meghan shows in this post not just that women can and should solo travel too, but more importantly, she shows us the importance of being flexible and going with the flow. That’s not just a travel skill, that’s a reallllly important skill to have in life. As my high school calculus teacher always said: “Champions adjust”. 🙂 Thanks for sharing her story!

    PS… holy shit I’m in love with the design of your blog. Seriously the clean lines and the easy flow of the pages, and the design’s smooth responses as well. Tell me your secrets! hehe

  2. This is very inspiring! I travel solo a lot myself and i often meet people who ask me why i do the things i do and it’s often too much to handle so i just ignore and smile. Otherwise, i tell them all the wonderful things i’ve experienced while traveling solo.

  3. Great to read your story about how to jump into traveling solo. I travel a lot on my own, and I am never scared of anything. Maybe because I am much older than you 😉
    I think the great things about traveling solo is, that you are more present when you go out and see attractions. I speak with more people, when I travel alone. The only thing, I find really boring is eating alone on restaurants 🙂
    You go girl! Hope, you will have a lot more solo travels in the future.

  4. I really like the honest tips that Meghan gives from her experience. It is really inspirational to see someone with a full time job, limited resource and yet so enthusiastic to travel. I love her spirit!

  5. Nice and inspiring story. It is great to read how people started to travel solo. This was due to circumstances and so good you loved it. I started travelling along after a break up with my boyfriend and I loved it. Now I travel with my husband but both travelling solo as travelling with him is nice!

  6. I loved reading this! It’s so cool how sometimes setbacks and roadblocks make the experience even better and allows you to experience something you never would have otherwise. And the fact that this experience allowed her to learn that she loves solo travel?… That’s so cool! 🙂

  7. Loved reading this guest post. I have solo traveled for 10 years, including stints of 3-6 months alone. I have always loved it and completely recommend it. I am now finally at the point where I want a forever travel buddy and partner but I wouldn’t have traded my decade of travel for anything, so i am so glad I did this. Great to see others appreciate it too!

  8. I love that travelling solo was somewhat of an accident here. I have a similar story. I have always travelled with my partner, but now I’m in Brazil all alone for three months as part of my PhD study and it has forced me to be alone. But I wouldn’t say it’s all positives. While I feel my trips alone have helped me grow as a person, and I have met so many great people, sometimes I feel like it would be just more enjoyable if I had somebody here to share the whole thing with.

  9. It makes me so happy to see women travelling solo. In a world built for men and built on fear it can be easy to be scared. I’m not even sure I could travel solo. But the more women I see doing it the better I feel about trying one day.

  10. It’s great to hear that travelling solo in Nassau ended up being such an awesome experience! I also thought I would never travel solo…but that all changed last summer. I also work as a teacher, so my school basically sets my vacation days…which don’t always match my friends’ vacation days. Frustrated by this, I just went for it and embarked on an Interrail trip solo! It was incredible!

  11. I wish I would have done more solo traveling when I still didn’t have a family and I was able to do it. However, I spend a week alone in Greece and every day I was thinking how much I would love to share this experience with someone. So I figured, maybe it is not for me. My solo trips mostly concentrate on business trips now. But I do respect and look up to those women who travel around the world solo!

  12. Travelling solo is one of the best experiences that you can have in life. My first time travelling solo was almost by accident and I’m so glad that it happened! I was recently travelling solo around Israel and Jordan for about 3 weeks and it was one of the best trips that I’ve ever had, everyone should try it at least once!

  13. What an inspirational read! Just like Meghan, I was used to traveling with friends or my partner. The idea of traveling solo sounded downright crazy to me! However, last year I suddenly had this urge to give it a try. So, I mustered up enough courage and took my first solo trip to Japan. I literally spent weeks planning every little detail, and as the time got closer to my flight, I got more and more anxious. So much so, that I even considered cancelling my entire trip! Anyway, I made it to the airport and as soon as I got on the plane all my fears just vanished. I found myself being indescribably excited. Needless to say, my trip was amazing!

    Traveling solo is an awesome adventure and anyone who gives it a go, won’t regret it!

  14. I travel solo a lot, most of all for work and it’s just really enriching. It basically forces me to go out there and meet people and explore things. I love that. However, eating by myself… it doesn’t get easier.

  15. I love this series! So empowering for especially younger women venturing out on their own. I wish I had read some of these stories when I was in my 20s. Thanks for sharing on #FarawayFiles

  16. Traveling solo is like a life lesson for me. its gives you so much of confidence and learning. girls you are doing a great job keep it up. wish you all the traveling luck.

  17. My first solo trip was kind of accidental, a lot like Meghan’s! I was on a volunteer trip in Peru for 6 weeks, with the last week being just for travel. The girl I was supposed to travel around with for that week ended up going home early so I was left alone, and haven’t looked back since! 🙂 Pretty sure I’ve said this way too many times already, but once more can’t hurt! I bloody love this series.

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