Broadway, Broadway. Oh how I love you! By far my most expensive hobby but it is so worth it! I have now been to New York City twice for a grand total of 11 days between the two trips. In those 11 days I have managed to see NINE Broadway Shows (eight musicals and one play) While there are some shows you want to see so badly you should definitely buy tickets beforehand, I have also on both of these trips, bought last minute cheap tickets. So without further a due, here are my recommendations of Broadway Shows to see while in New York City

  1. Waitress – Brooks Atkinson Theatre


Based on the 2007 film of the same name, Waitress tell the story of Jenna, a genius baker in an unhappy marriage. After Jenna learns that she is pregnant she begins an affair with the new town Doctor. Looking for a way out of her life, she sees a pie contest and its grand prize as her chance.

It is such an uplifting show with some incredibly funny characters. Though at the same time, it tackles serious subjects like domestic violence and adultery. The music, written by Sara Bareilles (who recently completed a short run in the role of Jenna) is just amazing! Not to mention the other actors! Oh, did I mention that the theatre smells of pie when you walk in?

2. Bandstand – Bernard B. Jacobs Theatre


Bandstand The New American Musical tells the story of a group of veterans returning home after World War II. Struggling to fit into their old lives while dealing with the lingering effects of the war – including post-traumatic stress and survivor’s guilt for friends who did not survive – they form a band made up solely of veterans to compete in a national radio contest in New York City. The prize will guarantee instant stardom to the winners, and by performing together they hope to help one another deal with their personal issues.

Corey Cott and Laura Osnes are Broadway GOLD and absolutely smash it in this show! The jazz score is killer and gives the show so much energy. With so much fun and dancing, there are also obviously some sombre scenes that deal with the struggles veterans face after returning home. The creators of the show take the responsibility of the subject matter very seriously. So much so that it became the first Broadway production to seek and receive “6 Certified” status from Got Your 6, a nonprofit group that largely works with Hollywood productions to ensure fair portrayal of veterans on screen and stage.

3. Dear Evan Hansen – The Music Box


Dear Evan Hansen is about a High School Senior who suffers from a social anxiety disorder who tells a lie that runs away from him after the death of a fellow classmate. I can’t really say much more than that without giving too much away!.

Ben Platt, who won the Tony for Best Actor this year, is absolutely incredible. I will admit, I had no idea what this show was about before going to see it and had only heard one song the night before. It BLEW ME AWAY! It’s funny and cringey and cute and devastating all at the same time! A month later and I am still listening to the Original Cast Recording on repeat

4. Anastasia – Broadhurst Theatre


If you are like me and absolutely loved the 1997 cartoon movie Anastasia then you should probably see this show. It follows the same story with a few tweaks. It tells the legend of the Grand Duchess Anastasia Romonov, which claims that she managed to escape the execution of her family. Anastasia, who appears in the show as an amnesiac orphan named Anya sides with con men, Dimitri and Vlad, to help reunite with her family.

It was not the best show of the trip but it was still lovely and fun and the music was so pretty. Shout out to Ramin Karimloo for playing a character called GLEB and still managing to be a babe!

5. Hamilton – Richard Rogers Theatre


Hamilton tells the life story of Founding Father Alexander Hamilton and his forgotten role is the countries history. The soundtrack is phenomenal and you should all sit down and listen to it right now! (the first time I listened to it, it took me 5 hours!)

Before you ask, I paid WAY TO MUCH for my tickets but I would do it all over again! WHAT A SHOW! The anticipation building up to finally getting to see Hamilton was excruciating as we bought our tickets almost a year in advance. Everyone was amazing, the choreography was beautiful and I cried through most of it.

5. 1984 – Hudson Theatre


1984 is play based on the George Orwell book of the same name. After an Atomic War divides the world into three states, London is a city in Oceania, ruled by a party who has total control over all its citizens. The play follows Wintson (Tom Sturridge)and his growing rebellion of Big Brother.

To say that this play shook me is an understatement. The relevance it has to modern day politics is pretty frightening. I managed to get last minute tickets for 1984 while it was still in previews and there have been reviews since of audience members throwing up and passing out. They have even had to implement and age restriction on the show, which is very uncommon for Broadway. If you are faint of heart, maybe don’t go and see this.

Honorable Mentions

The Lion King is a show I think everyone should see, just because it’s the Lion king! The dancing and puppetry is pretty awesome. And anyone who says they don’t like the music from The Lion King are lying!

Come From Away is a new musical about the flights that were re routed to Newfoundland in Canada on 9/11. I didn’t see it but my friend said it was absolutely incredible! And the score is very celtic which, as you can imagine, appeals to me!


How to get Cheap Broadway Tickets

There a few ways to get cheap tickets from Broadway shows. Unfortunately for those who like to plan in advance, it’s usually last minute tickets. This means your big shows like Hamilton won’t be available as they are sold out months in advance.

TKTS – The first time I was in NYC I used the TKTS booth in Times Square to get cheap tickets to see Newsies that night. The tickets cost about $80 (at the time that was about £50). Pretty cheap for a Broadway Show

TodayTix – This past trip I used the TodayTix app when booking my 1984 tickets. The good thing about this app is that you can get your tickets 30 days in advance. You book through the app or website. There will be someone in a TodayTix red t-shirt waiting outside the theatre to give you your ticket.

(TRICK – If you have never used the TodayTix APP and want to see a show in NYC, London, Chicago, LA, SF Bay Area, Washington DC, Boston, Connecticut, Philadelphia and Seattle you can use my refer code IMXBX and you’ll get $10 off!)

Lottery – A lot of Broadway shows will have a lottery for every show and will have a certain amount of tickets on standby for this. But you need to be quick as once they’re gone, they’re gone!

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Broadway is magical. But also EXPENSIVE. Here are my tips on how to get cheap tickets as well as some recommendations on what Musicals and Plays to see

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34 thoughts on “Broadway Tips: What To See and Cheap Tickets!”

  1. Such great tips!! I absolutely love the theatre!! I recently moved to London and I’m watching a new show every other week. I love that they’ve made Anastasia into a production, this is absolutely on my list of must sees! Next time I’m in NYC I know where I’ll be going!

  2. I cannot believe you saw 9 shows in 11 days! That takes some serious determination and love for theatre! But then, it’s not just any theatre, it’s BROADWAY! NY is still on my to-do list! Thanks for the tips 🙂

  3. That’s my dream holiday!!! At the moment, just a dream, as I have a toddler for a company with me. But later at some point this will be my must do! Especially the Waitress sounds fun.

  4. Thank you for the awesome tips about which Broadway shows to see and how to get cheap tickets! I’ve been wanting to go to NYC for ages, and when I do go, Broadway shows will be a must. As an English lit. nerd and dystopian fiction fan, I would love to see 1984!

  5. Wow I’m so amazed you saw 9 in 11 days. IVE BEEN WANTING TO SEE HAMILTON IM SO JEALOUS! The only Broadway show I’ve seen was The Color Purple and I cried the entire time and thought it was the most spectacular thing I’ve ever seen. These tips are so great!

  6. That’s some serious theatre-tripping, I’m in awe of the fact you saw nine shows in eleven days! I saw Mamma Mia when I was in NYC two summers ago and absolutely loved it. (But then, I’m a big ABBA fan, and I know some people aren’t.) The queues at TKTS South Street Seaport are much shorter than those in Times Square, and there’s still the same range of tickets on offer 🙂

  7. I have not been to see a musical in years, but seeing a show on broadway would be incredible. I absolutely loved the Lion King but have so far only seen it in German. Would be great to see it in English too.

  8. Love this! I went to NYC a few years ago but it was more of a stop over so I was only there for one night. I could so see myself getting addicted to shows too haha! Thanks for the tips to get cheap tickets.

  9. Great tips – I can’t believe how many shows you fitted in to your trips. Some sound really tempting too, it’s way too long since I was at the theatre. Thanks for linking up with #citytripping

  10. Wonderful post! I love shows! We went to NYC in April and saw Wicked — so funny and superb musicians. We went to Les Mis last year in London, a highlight of all shows I’ve ever been to. We did consider Anastasia in NYC. Sounds like Wicked was probably the better choice. Someday maybe I’ll get to see Hamilton! $$$$

  11. Oh my goodness, Chiera, I can’t believe how many shows you managed to fit in! Have you read the book of 1984? It’s wonderful. I’d like to see this play now. We’re going to the West End to see 42nd Street next week in London. Really excited! Thanks for sharing on #FarawayFiles

  12. Great post Chiera. I would love to see Waitress after reading your description. It sounds fabulous! And the theatre smells of pie? Outrageous! In a good way. Wonderful tips – thanks for sharing on #FarawayFiles

  13. Broadway! My favorite thing about NYC!! And I have seen none of these… I would LOVE to see Hamilton (who wouldn’t right?!)! Way to make the most of your 11 days. And thanks for the great tips on how to score cheaper tickets!

  14. It’s pretty sad that I’ve never seen a Broadway show despite my frequent visits to NY. The only thing I’ve seen on your list in the honorable mention, The Lion King, and that wasn’t in Broadway. Maybe will make the effort to go to a show in Broadway the next time I’m in NYC.

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