Early last year my friend and I were on the hunt for a nice cheap sunny break somewhere in Europe. We didn’t really care where, somewhere new for both of us was a plus but not necessary. During our research into places like Barcelona, Nice, Sofia etc we can across incredible cheap flights for Ibiza. I wrote a full post about our Ibiza trip that you can read here about the nice quiet town we stayed in North of the Island.  This post, however, will focus on Dalt Vila (Old Town). We spent the last day of our trip exploring Dalt Vila and it was by far the best day of the holiday.

Dalt Vila
View of Ibiza Town from Dalt Vila

A Little Piece of History

Dalt Vila literally translates to “Upper Town” as it is located on a little mountain by the sea. There is nothing like exploring a new, European city. There is so much culture and history to learn! It took about 3 hours to reach the top of Dalt Vila which is a castle and it was just amazing. The views were breathtaking, the buildings were so old and interesting, the cathedral was beautiful.

When it comes to exploring Dalt Vila, you are better off on foot with some very comfortable shoes. As it was the last day of our trip, we both had wheelie suitcases to drag up the steep, cobblestoned paths.I would not recommend. On the walk up to the Cathedral you will pass lots of little gift shops and art galleries full of beautiful and unusual works of the talented local people.

Dalt VilaDalt VilaDalt Vila

The more you delve into Dalt Vila, the more beautiful it is. The architecture is absolutely amazing. Some left untouched by time, others while still old, are more modern and lived in. I would love to get the chance to live there for a while! I think that would be incredible and so unbelievably relaxing!

Dalt Vila Dalt Vila

Dalt Vila Dalt Vila

Nothing to Beat a Panoramic View

Once you are out of the narrow streets, darkened by the high buildings, and you reach the top, the views will take your breath away. You can see for miles and miles in all directions! Out over Ibiza Town, the Marina, and even out over onto the ‘party’ side of the town clearly shown but the massive beach front hotels. We must have stayed up there for hours just sitting and admiring this beautiful slice of the world!

Dalt Vila Dalt Vila Dalt VilaDalt Vila

Given that we were staying on the other side of the island, spending the day in Dalt Vila was a complete whim that I am so glad we saw through. Sometimes when in a new place, you have to go out an explore every chance you get. Even if it is on your last day and you have two suitcases in tow. Go out and do it! You’ll make the best memories!

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22 thoughts on “Dalt Vila – The Best Thing About Ibiza”

  1. I haven’t visited Ibiza because all I’ve heard about is the partying! But I have an affinty for old towns and you’ve completely changed my opinion on Ibiza! Gorgeous photos <3 can't wait to look into my own trip!!

  2. Love those photos of you and your trousers 🙂 I’d always only imagined Ibiza as a party island so it’s interesting seeing the more historical side!

  3. It’s sad when places get a reputation that only applies to a small part, like Ibiza, but at the same time maybe good for the openminded who then find gems like this!! Unexpectedly beautiful 🙂

  4. I am so very jealous of European-based travellers – you can visit so many incredible places so quickly and inexpensively!! :'( To be honest, my only real image of Ibiza is partying kids on their gap year adventures, so it’s lovely to see another side!

  5. I’ve been to Ibiza a couple of times but I’d never heard about Dalt Vila! Seems like a gorgeous place and I could totally use some sunshine and warmth right now 😉

  6. This place is so beautiful! This is the Ibiza I would like to see. I know it is considered a party island but I know there are places for those who are interested in relaxation. #wanderfulwednesday

  7. Ibiza is such a beautiful island! I didn’t spend as much time in Dalt Vila when I visited as I would’ve liked (I only had on weekend there), but hopefully I’ll be back one day! Your pictures are stunning! And I can’t believe I missed that view point!

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