Welcome back to Women Who Wander. This series focuses encouraging women to seek out solo travel. Empowering and inspiring both seasoned Solo Travellers and those who have yet to venture out on their own. The response to this series has been amazing and I just want to thank you all for embracing it. Hopefully many more Solo Travel stories to come

Next up is Ciara with her experience with Solo Travel.

Meet Ciara:

Women Who Wander

My name is Ciara, With a real interest in tourism and travel, I started my blog about my travels at home and abroad and discovering new places along the way and also my trips abroad.

You can follow Ciaras travels on here blog www.irishtravelkey.ie

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Overcoming Initial Fears

My first solo travel experience was Australia and New Zealand together when I was 24 .. The night before I left my cousins to go to Sydney I was terrified, yet within a couple of hours I was swimming in Bondi with people I had just met. The experience was amazing. One of the best parts of this trips was meeting different people along the way. I made some great friends in Sydney the weeks I was there then one day I just booked a trip up the west coast. So there I was with my backpack a month after my first adventure by myself, setting out for a new one. In every stop along the coast I met different people.

By the time I got to Cairns I had been travelling with four other girls who I only met two weeks prior, two of which I am still good friends with to this day. Some of the most surreal moments for myself was the simple random evenings when a couple of us would be sitting around drinking in the hostel. I would think to myself, we are all from so many different countries/cultures and all here together embracing the same experience and this was possibly the best part of traveling by myself for the first time.

Solo Travel Made Me Independent

What I loved and embraced most in comparison to my friends who went as part of a group was the fact I had the ability to plan. Plan within capabilities of myself. I travelled the coast, I wasn’t a fond fan of Brisbane so I moved on without sharing a decision with anyone I ended up speding more time in Cairns where I had the best time. All my friends thought I was crazy and I suppose I was, no one ever went away by themselves. Ever. In the years to come, I went through something hard that essentially required me to have the skills for independence If I wasn’t for travelling solo, I may not have coped. This is the honest truth.

Starting off solo in the Australian west coast was perfect. Through the years I have done a few separate solo trips to Krakow, Stockholm, Edinburgh. However, they were only short weekend trips. For my 30th birthday I purchased flights to Sri Lanka where I travelled last September. It was out of this world and really very safe and comforting for a solo girl. Likewise, I was terrified leaving however the excitement helped me power through and I had such an incredible time.

Caught the Bug

When I was deciding to go somewhere for my trip I had narrowed it down to South Africa, India or Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka won for two reasons, it intrigued me most and I knew least about it. I also felt it would be safest for a solo female traveller. The night before I was extremely nervous, and while I knew I would be ok, it was a solo trip to a culture completely different to any where I travelled solo to before. I kept thinking what if someone robs me(literally) or I get lost. Thankfull, neither happened. Yes I got attention from men however it was all totally harmless. I never once felt unsafe.

Sri Lanka was never intended to be a drinking holiday like Australia yet I still never spent a night alone. Hostels were friendly and I spent every night with people and brought me back to why I love solo travel, the excitement and courage it gives me.

Women who Wander

It’s Not All Unicorns and Rainbows

When it comes to horror stories of solo travel I’ve had a few ones that I look back on and laugh about. One, however, will always stick with me the most. One Friday evening I was catching a flight from Dublin to London, I was running tight on time and jumped in a taxi. Once arriving at the airport, I noticed my wallet was stolen. No money , no cards. Needless to say, the taxi driver didn’t believe me and wouldn’t let me leave. I offered to pay him by card number (using one of my friends details). He didn’t go for it. I offered to meet him the next day. He didn’t go for it. I left my bags in the car and I ran into the terminal for help.

The information desk at the Airport called Airport Police for me, at the point the taxi driver called the Gardai (normal police). Thankfully the police believed me – I was in floods of tears at this point and my plane was almost arriving in London at this stage.

Whats next for travelling by myself? Well I am off to Budapest in two weeks so another trip to keep me going.

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Finally, If you are interested in writing for Women Who Wander, you can contact me at youngandundecidedblog@gmail.com. Can’t wait to share your stories

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27 thoughts on “Women Who Wander – Ciara’s Solo Travel Adventure”

  1. Lovely introduction about you and your travel experiences.
    Pity that your wallet was stolen, this is of course some of the worst things that could happen and such situation can ruin nearly everything , but therefor you have thousands of great experiences 🙂
    Solo travel experience in Australia and New Zealand sounds amazing!

  2. Such a great series and each new post makes me a bit more confident at the thought of going myself! I currently only travel solo for work which isnt the same. This one has really highlighted the ability to plan and make spur of the moment decisions without having to wait for everyone to agree! Looking forward to the next.

  3. So good to hear you talk about the people you met as being the most influential aspect of travel for you. I get fed up of bloggers who talk about how many countries they’ve visited … but never mention the people they met along the way. Which — honestly — is what this travel lark is really all about, isn’t it! ~~ @rovingjay

  4. I would never have the guts to wander around on my own in a new place! I often get lost in big shopping malls!!you go girl! Be very proud of urself and enjoy your travels 🙂

  5. You must be brave to go to Sri Lanka by yourself! I don’t know if I could do that haha. Your stories sound so fun though, and it’s so nice to hear from other female travellers just going for it. A great series for a travel blog, too 🙂

  6. Lovely journey and very inspiring. I can imagine your situation with stolen wallet, travel is meant for such experiences and emerge stronger. You are a brave girl. Keep traveling

  7. Love reading inspirational stories from women who travel! It’s always so nice to know that there were many other strong and brave women out there before me and after me who continue to embrace the freedom we posses to travel the world! Without it, I wouldn’t have met my husband! #WanderfulWednesday

  8. I travel mainly with my partner now but had some amazing times travelling solo before I met him. It’s the best way to meet new people and really get to know yourself. Great to see another awesome solo traveller making the most of life!

  9. What a great series! It’s good for people to see that it’s ok for women to travel solo. A lot of people avoid traveling because they don’t have travel buddies.

  10. This is my first time to this series and I love it! It’s great to hear inspiring stories about other people’s solo travels and how much they have gained from it all 🙂 I’m planning a trip to Sri Lanka at the moment and feel so excited reading this too!

  11. I agree Cairns is much more fun that Brisbane! And I loved that you had an amazing time in Sri Lanka. Such a beautiful country. Thanks for sharing on #farawayfiles Chiera – love reading these stories

  12. I’m really enjoying your Women Who Wander series, Chiera. It’s so inspiring reading about women who choose to travel alone – it can be such a positive and life affirming experience. I have loved it in my past and would love to travel alone again one day. Great to read about Ciara’s experiences around the world for #FarawayFiles

  13. Hi Ciara.
    Great article about solo travel, you are totally right. The first time I was travelling alone I was 24 and pretty scared… It turned out to be a great experience meeting a lot of other people I’m still in touch with 10 years after that. Today I’m travelling with my husband, but solo travel helped me a lot to become independent and a lot less shy! 🙂

  14. Wow getting your wallet stolen while traveling sounds super scary. I cannot even imagine what I would do in that situation. But I’m glad you managed a way out of it.

  15. Great to read Ciara’s story. Travelling solo is very character building and I had a great time when I went around the world on my own when I was 21. I met so many people I would never have encountered if I’d been with someone else. I honestly did not feel alone at all and had complete control over what I wanted to do. #farawayfiles

  16. “Unicorns and rainbow,” I love that! Another great perspective – thank Ciara for sharing her story and you for sharing here with #FarawayFiles. PS – I say it’s not all “sunshine and roses,” and it isn’t here either in Copenhagen! Erin

  17. I love this series so much and their so fun to read!! Solo female travel is an amazing adventure and of course, there have to be some bumps in the way. Can’t wait to read the next one!!

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