It’s time to look back on my 2016. Every year on Tumblr I do the same “New Year Challenge”. I started in 2010 and have done so every year since. I like being able to look back on my life year to year, my ‘best bits’ so to speak. This year, since I have a blog now, I thought I’d move the tradition over here.

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10 Things You Did in 2016

  • Said cheerio to my bestie who moved to China to teach English!  All is well as I will be visiting her in April next year. Needless to say I cannot wait!
  • Explored more of Scotland than I ever have before. With day trips to Stirling, Aviemore, Edinburgh, different Country Parks and simply wandering around Glasgow I’ve really enjoyed seeing more of my own country!
  • Went on a last minute, super cheap holiday in Ibiza! I was blown away by how beautiful Ibiza was. And pleasantly surprised and how easy it was to avoid the party scene the island is so famous for!
  • Used my newly acquired TEFL qualification to Teach English in Romania at a three week summer camp. It was both the scariest and best thing I’ve ever done, I still think about it and can’t believe I actually went through with it! I met some incredible people that I will hopefully keep in touch with for a long time.
  • FINALLY made it to Walt Disney World and Universal Studios which was literally a childhood dream of mine! It was such a jam packed trip and I loved every minute of it! With my INTENSE love of film and anything and everything Harry Potter I was basically born to visit Orlando, right?
  • Started my blog! After coming back from Ibiza and knowing I had Romania and Orlando lined up I wanted somewhere to document my trips so I could look back on it all and remember! I launched in March on the free WordPress host and then made the switch to Self hosted in November. It has been an absolutely confusing whirlwind trying to work it all out but turn out the online travel blogging community is full to the brim of lovely and super helpful people!
  • Got slightly obsessed with Pokemon Go! But lets be real, Pokemon Go took over everyone’s life in 2016, right?
  • Got braces again cause why not?  At the end of last year I just thought, fuck it, I want straight teeth! fast forward 7 months, no more braces, straight teeth. I now actually don’t mind smiling in photographs. Small price to pay for feeling comfortable with yourself 🙂 Yay for narcissism!!
  • Maybe, almost, kind of, possibly decided I am moving to Australia next year!!!!!

6 Photos of Memories From 2016

Girls Love Travel

GLT Meet Up

Was this 2016? It feels like years ago!! I have been a member of Girls Love Travel since it’s birth. I was chosen to be one of the Scottish Ambassadors (meaning if anyone had any questions about Scotland they could come to me and I’d do my best to help) In February GLT celebrated it’s One Year Anniversary. To celebrate this, meet ups took place all over the globe! It was an incredible thing to be a part of! We held one in Edinburgh where we went for lunch and explored the city a bit. It was a brisk but lovely day 🙂


Had a great 5 days in Portinatx, Ibiza. Admittedly it was off season so it was VERY quiet, but that was also the best bit? To have beaches, restaurants and hiking trails all to ourselves it was actually really cool!



Climbed my first mountain. Although it took 2 and a half hours to reach the top, and the view was just a white haze, it was so worth it! While I am so aware I wasn’t properly prepared to climb a mountain, the feeling of reaching the top was better than I had anticipated.


TEFL Teaching in Romania

Finally used my TEFL and had my first teaching experience. The fact that initially these kids couldn’t really understand me, but by the end of the week we could have a conversation is incredible.More to do with their confidence in speaking English and less my teaching skills as the knowledge was pretty much there already but it was amazing to see. And I loved every minute of it!



Finally making it to DisneyWorld at the ripe old age of 24 was a big moment! (As I was going through my pictures for this post I came across the videos we took of ourselves during the Frozen sing Along which I am now currently watching! Spoiler – We KILLED it!)


Cairn Gorm

While on a day trip to Aviemore we caught the Funicular Train up to the top of Cairn Gorm for lunch. Due to the weather being so nice the views from the top were incredible!. We were even treated to a sight of the wild reindeer herd walking by the restaurant window!

Your 2016 New Year Plans

Here in Scotland we call it Hogmany. And, to me, Hogamany means good Scottish TV like Still Game and Only and Excuse, ringing in the Bells with Jackie Bird at Edinburgh Castle and going to bed. I don’t hold much importance with New Years Eve. Yes, it’s a new beginning to a year, but it’s also just another day. I mainly look forward to our New Years Day family dinner which is always top notch!

A Letter To a Person You Grew Apart From This Year

To be honest I have racked my brain for this one and can’t think. If anything I have grown closer to people in 2016. I guess I could say me and Roisin physically grew apart when she moved to China? Does that count? We will just ignore the fact that we still talk all the time and that can be my answer!

Hey rosh, Miss you bud. See you soon. Cx (get your tissues, so heartfelt)

A Photo of Yourself From the Start and End of 2016





A List of What You Want to Change in the New Year

Normally I would just write the same old stuff and have it never come to fruition but last year, quite a lot of what I wrote ended up happening. Well I wrote that I wanted to use my TEFL (check) and travel (check). I also wrote that I wanted a new job (nope), to stop doing things I don’t enjoy (yes?) and to participate in life more…(kind of?)

This year I want to make acheivable, non vague goals and see if I can make them happen:
  • Grow my blog to where I feel like it’s more than just me talking to myself! To my surprise I really enjoy working on this blog and I want to see how much it can grow and just roll with it!
  • Since I now have a travel blog, I would like to travel more. Also,  I live in Scotland, THE most beautiful country in the world (am I biased?) I should see more of it. Also, flights to anywhere in Europe are about £20 return at any given time.
  • I’m going to see Hamilton on Broadway!!! (okay so this is a definite but I just wanted to brag about it a bit. I’M SEEING HAMILTON ON BROADWAY. Okay, I’m done)
  • Finally leave my job! Or should I say save up enough money so I can securely leave my job and still be able to live.
  • MOVE TO AUSTRALIA (or New Zealand, or Canada. I haven’t decided yet)
  • Personally, maybe take more risks? I’m not sure what I mean by this. Meet new people. Interact more with life. Do things that make me uncomfortable or scared (but not actual danger, more test my anxiety limits)
  • Go on a Solo Trip. I’ve travelled solo before and met up with someone on the other end but I’ve never actually spent a full trip on my own before. I want to do that as much as I can in 2017.
  • Finally get a puppy because let’s be real, everyone should get a puppy. Let 2017 be the year of the puppy!

Your Resolution

Finally, much the same as last year, I will aim to live a life that I can look back on in 50 years and be proud. Be kind to people.

What are you favourite memories from 2016? Are you looking forward to next year? Let me know below 🙂

Happy New Year!


11 thoughts on “2016: Looking Back on the Past Year”

  1. Congratulations on all of you accomplishments in 2016. Now, to top all of this off in 2017 will be a challenge, right? I am glad you were able to explore Disney and Universal and happy that you now love to smile. Cheers to your 2017!

  2. I must say I echo your thoughts, I started my blogpost to pen down my experiences so I can joy them when I look back. Have a great new year ahead & I hope some day I’ll also visit Walt Disney studios… have a great 2017 & a lot of travelling.

  3. What a busy year!!! starting a blog, what a crazy thing to do, oh wait I did the same thing this year. Gotta love those last minute trips, always good to just pack up and leave like you did to Ibiza. Nice post.

  4. That’s awesome you explored more of your home country. I think it is so important to get out there and explore your own backyard. Good luck for the New Year!

  5. Wow! Looks like such a fabulous year!! How was Harry Potter and Disney? I worked at Disney for eight months for their college program and was at Harry Potter world all the time!! And will be traveling to the WB Studio Tour in April !! Hope you have another great year like this one!!

  6. OMG YOU GOT TICKETS TO HAMILTON!?!? Truly amazing! And I’m so happy I discovered your blog too by way of my blog! I think your passion for your travels plus your good intentions to chronicle your life will only help propel you towards success. I actually just went through all your past year in reviews ….sorry about your gran :(…. and really admire your steadfastness. I am adding this your year in review to my year in review post! 🙂 Wishing you (and this blog) the best of luck!

    1. I KNOW! We bought them like a year ago! I don’t even want to think about the price! But finally in May I will be seeing Hamilton!Same to you! You’re blog is great! that’s what Ilove about the FTB Facebok group – access to all these amazing travel blogs 🙂 Aw thank you 🙂 I will add you link to mine 🙂

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