After months of stress with Work/University, my friend and I booked a last minute trip to Ibiza at the beginning of March. Flights were booked for the 30th of March – 3rd of April for £70 each. Random accommodation in Portinatx (which we read was a nice, quite part of the island as we wanted to avoid the Party Scene Ibiza is so famously known for) for £65 each. This was shaping up to be a nice and cheap break. (Spoiler alert: I spent 150 Euro in Ibiza which converts to about £120. All in all this Holiday cost me £255. Would have been less but we went all out on the food! No regrets!)

I had never had any intention of going to Ibiza purely for the reputation the island has for being boozy, party central – which is not my scene. But it was cheap and we wanted to go somewhere. So Ibiza it was.

Pleasantly Surprised

As Portinatx is at the top of the island, and it was off season, the only way to get there from the airport was a 50 Euro taxi. On arrival we also had to pay the remainder of the apartment bill so money wise we took at hit. Then we got to our room. All woes were gone. The room itself was basic with all the necessities. But the view! You have to see it for yourself:


For the price we paid, we were not expecting anything like this. After getting our cases sorted we went to the restaurant downstairs for dinner and to watch the sunset. Unfortunately I had a migraine from the flight – which commonly happens and have a trial and error relationship with remedies – so I don’t remember much of that first night.

Like I said before, it was off season, so near enough everything was closed or being refurbished. There was 1 grocery shop and about 4 restaurants available to us. The next morning we got up, got some fruit and tea from the shop for breakfast and went exploring. That first day we spent doing recon: Where to eat, nice spots to chill out, cool coastlines to explore. We knew from research before arriving and from maps all around the town that there were a few walking trails we could do so that was our goal. We wandered down to the end of the road (it was a really small town) and found  a cute little hut/beach bar where we had an ice cream break.

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The coastline was very rocky and ideal for climbing, which we spent most days doing. It was pretty cool because you could see the smooth rocks at the bottom where the tide comes in and the rough, wave-battered rocks on top.  This was where we discovered the lighthouse. We could see it in the distance, but couldn’t work out how to get to it without scaling the cliff side so we made the decision to look into it and attempt the walk the next day.


That night we went back to the apartment for our jackets and then down to the beach to watch the sunset. What a great life it must be to live in a place like this. Being from a big city, I forget how nice the coast is. Just to be able to look out at the water is enough for me. I could do that for ever!


Exploring..gone wrong

The next day was lighthouse day and straight off the bat we got lost. We took the wrong path that led to nowhere really and had to double back. Once we found the right trail, which was very clearly marked by blue arrows literally pointing you in the right direction, the walk up to the lighthouse was pretty stressful with very angry, crashing waves beneath us. It was incredibly windy and the path took you right up to the cliff side most of the way up. I guess you could say the amazing views were worth it but I definitely thought the wind was going to just pick me up and throw me over at times. We made it up to the lighthouse just before it started to rain.


By this point it is extremely cold and windy and the panic set in. If the walk up in the sun was stressful, it was going to be damn near impossible in a downpour. We frantically tried to get back as quickly as possible so of course we got lost. About 10 wrong turns later we gave up and back tracked to start over. What took us about a hour to get up took about 15 minutes to go back. As you can probably guess the weather gave up and rained the rest of the day.

Last Day

Saturday came and this was our last full day. The rain had cleared the sky and it was an absolute scorcher of a day! We prepared ourselves for another hike up to Torre de Portinatx – which took all of 15 minutes – so in classic holiday mode we spent the majority of the day on the beach only leaving for food. After a good 4 hours of sunbathing, and successfully not burning my pale Scottish skin, we spotted more rocks that were just asking to be climbed.


Dalt Vila

Our flight back wasn’t until 7pm so we spent our last day in Ibiza Town. Luckily enough we were leaving at the same time as an older couple who offered to share their taxi with us, so what would have cost 45 Euros only cost us 20! Result! They were a lovely couple who made sure we knew how to get to the airport and gave us all their maps so we didn’t get lost. Bless them.

We arrived in the town at 9:30am, which was too early to function so first stop was coffee and food. With our bellies full and our caffeine buzz we headed off, suitcases in tow, to find the Old Town, or Dalt Vila as it’s also called. (Side note: Suitcases and cobble stoned steep hills do not work well together.) This was easily the best day of the holiday. Yes beaches are great and hill walking is fun but there is nothing like exploring a new city, especially European cities. There is so much culture and history! It took up about 3 hours to reach the top of Dalt Vila, which is a castle if I’m not mistaken, and it was just amazing. The views were breathtaking, the buildings were so old and interesting, the cathedral was beautiful. It was the perfect way to spend out last day!


Ibiza surprised me. I expected to chill on the beach the entire time, but the scenery was breathtaking. There was so much to explore and discover. If you are looking for a quiet getaway I would definitely recommend Portinatx. I would love to go back and explore Ibiza Town some more. There’s always next time.

Has anyone else traveled to a destination with low expectations and been pleasantly surprised? I definitely learned my lesson not to judge a place before you visit for yourself.

And if you think this is good, Jessica over at Doodle Me Travel recently wrote about how she travelled 30 days in Thailand for Under $2,000! Now that’s some serious budget travel! Make sure you check out her post for some amazing tips!

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I'll be the first to admit I judged Ibiza. I had no intentions of ever visiting, but incredibly cheap flights changed my mind. I am so glad they did! I'll be the first to admit I judged Ibiza. I had no intentions of ever visiting, but incredibly cheap flights changed my mind. I am so glad they did! I'll be the first to admit I judged Ibiza. I had no intentions of ever visiting, but incredibly cheap flights changed my mind. I am so glad they did!

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18 thoughts on “Holiday on a Budget: Ibiza”

  1. Glad to see you had such a great time on a budget, we always travel budget and find it just that bit more rewarding and full of surprises. Had to laugh at you all getting lost, it’s always fun to get lost! Keep travelling and writing girlie x

  2. What a gorgeous side to Ibiza that I never knew existed! I visited San Antonio Bay in Ibiza this summer and my partner and I spent €130 a day!! We found it all to be fairly expensive so its great to see it can be done on a budget 🙂

  3. I’m glad you were able to discover hidden gems of Ibiza, even though of the whole hiking desaster! When I was a kid, my family and I went to Ibiza every year (I can’t quite recall the area, but it was quiet and in the middle of nature), and I loved it. We went hiking and swimming and visited markets – it was only much later that I heard about its actual reputation, and am very happy to know differently 🙂

  4. Wow, many friends of mine that have been to Ibiza was during summer season and absolutely just for party!! It’s great to read something different from Ibiza and I was sure you could find great things to do and see (especially coastline and beaches)! Anyway you were lucky too to find nice weather and sunny days! I am from Sardinia, close to Ibiza, maybe I can get there soon 😀 thanks for sharing

  5. Nothing better than a last minute getaway and Ibiza judging by he photos seems as gd as any place. I always think even a few days away is enough to rejuvenate yourself as I do it often. Longer the bettr of course. Great post, really enjoyed the read.

  6. I think that’s a really wise tip – don’t judge a place until you’ve been there yourself. I think if we don’t go to a place with expectations then we are free to be present and to experience it for what it really is rather than what we think it should be. That way we can enjoy the moment and have rich experiences in the here and now. It sounds like you ended up in a great little village with stunning views – definitely something I’d like to add to my travel list 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  7. I’ve never seen this side of Ibiza, I had no idea it existed! We had friends invite us there this summer, but we turned down the trip and went somewhere else because we were afraid it was going to be party central. I’m so glad I read this – I think I could go to Ibiza during the off season and fall in love with it too! Just looking at your photos of the gorgeous views is reason enough to visit!

  8. Wow Ibiza looks really gorgeous! I would love to visit, and I’m glad that there are some very friendly budget options to do that. It’s awesome that you found some to share the taxi with, which helped you spare some euros 😀

  9. Hi Chiera, can I please ask how you found your accommodation in Portinatx please? After reading your blog, I booked flights for Ibiza for myself and my boyfriend for April :). We quite like the idea of doing some walks and enjoying some sunshine. Being surrounded by nature is what we look for. We also need to keep costs down and have looked for accommodation in Ibiza, but most places seem to be in Ibiza town and surrounding areas. Many thanks.

    1. Hey, it was called Apartmentos Del Rey. But if you look on there are lots of places in Portinatx. is sold out of Apartmentos Del Rey but if you try other sites you may be luck. Happy holidays 🙂

  10. I think travelling off season is definitely a great way to avoid the crowds and also to get some really great deals on both flights and accommodation. Sounds like you were able to stick to a tight budget even with the 50 Euro taxi and eating out as well. The hotel view looks lush!

  11. I totally love Ibiza and its not just for partying and drinking. It is one of the most beautiful islands I have ever visited in Europe and I would go back. Reading your post and looking at the photos sure did bring back some good memories 🙂

  12. I had no idea there was so much to see besides the beaches in Ibiza. The views are incredible! Glad you were so pleasantly surprised. I love it when travel does that!

  13. This looks like a beautiful place to stay. I love travelling in off-season. I imagine at the height of summer there is a totally different vibe here. It looks like you had the place to yourself a lot of the time. The views from your hotel are perfect!

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